Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

  1. Furniture Purchase: Our evaluations are transparent and fair. The agreed-upon price will be paid upon furniture inspection and acceptance.

  2. Dismantling Services: We do not take any Dismantling fees. Additional charges may apply for specialized equipment or unforeseen challenges.

  3. Environmental Responsibility: We commit to environmentally friendly practices, recycling and repurposing materials whenever possible.

  4. Payment: Payments for furniture purchases and dismantling services are due upon completion of the project and at the time of purchase instantly.

Privacy Policy:

  1. Information Collection: We collect only essential information for business transactions and services, ensuring the utmost confidentiality.

  2. Data Security: Your data is securely stored and will not be shared, sold, or disclosed to third parties without your explicit consent.

  3. Communication: By providing your contact information, you consent to communication from SH regarding services and updates.

  4. Cookies: Our website may use cookies for a better user experience. You can adjust your browser settings to manage or disable cookies.

  5. Policy Updates: Our privacy policy may be updated periodically. Ensure you review the latest version for any changes.

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